“Swim Teaching is a job with multiple things at stake. Safety of the students, correct fundamentals and imparting water safety and awareness skills are important parts of my job. As a Swim Teacher, on my shoulders rests the responsibility of teaching my students how to enjoy in, on and around water safely and correctly.

Here is a chronicle on my life and times as a swim teacher in India.

Mind you this is not for the heavy hearted! So have a laugh or two!

I think it is time I opened up about the main reason I am a Swim Teacher.


I don’t know why everyone wants to know more about my job? Like, everyone including my parents, my cat and even the fruit seller thinks I laze around all day. Guys it is the most IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD.


Summer breaks are meant for ‘Chillinn’ right? Well, NO! As a swim teacher I literally have to teach a gazillion children every week.


I can deal with rain, hail, dust storms, filtration issues…. but SWIM PARENTS!!! I need  a full ice block on my head to deal with that!!!


Don’t get me wrong, I am like your average teacher, except for the fact that I burn 5000 calories more than them everyday.


Just keep swimming! That is exactly how I deal with all my problems.


I would never never leave the pool if all my students were this cute.


I am a teacher, and I have all kinds of students, some are quick learners while others need a little more time to get better. Sometimes, though you have to be really patient because, I have to teach a cat how to dog paddle.


My motto for life. Once you learn to enjoy the water, you can never go back


Yes, indeed my superpower is that I am a swim teacher. I teach a skill for life.



Being a swim teacher has taught me a lot and I go home satisfied knowing that I made a positive impact in my student’s life.”

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  1. Apart from being a fantastic and rewarding profession when working with all age groups and schools, it also means you are playing a very important part in bringing down the number of people that cannot swim and in turn being a very important part of drowning prevention. Swimming teachers are important you are a teacher, friend and mentor of all age groups.

    keep up the outstanding work you special people.

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