In our growing, diverse and vibrant community of AUSTSWIM licensed swim teachers with Swimming Matters, there is space for every kind of aspirant – age, gender, education no bar! We have students, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, retired managers, housewives and even Olympians – all united in their love for swimming, and wanting to give back to the skill they respect so much by teaching others to swim correctly, enjoyably and safely.
For many, our teacher training program has been more than just a course: It has been their leap of faith, a kindler of ambition, and a stepping stone towards realizing their dreams. While the stories are many, we in our SummerSwims series, put the spotlight on three of our recently licensed swim teachers for whom this summer has been very special: It was the first time they taught as Teachers of Swimming and Water Safety.


An engineer by profession with over 20 years at Philips Healthcare, Jaisimha Haldodderi left it all to take the plunge –entrepreneurial and well, in the pool – to start Swim Matrix, that promotes swimming. He is currently teaching at the residential complex he lives in, in Augusta Club at Brigade Gardenia in South Bangalore, and his student number has swelled from a handful to over a 100 students this summer.

What inspired you to switch from a corporate job to becoming a swim teacher?

During my school years, in the early 1980s, I was a state level swimmer. As an adult, I got interested in endurance sports like cycling, swimathons and triathlons but swimming was like a second nature to me. After almost two decades at Philips, I wanted to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and do something related to sports.  Teaching swimming seemed like a good place to start. I started teaching a few kids, and realized that I had a flair for it. I wanted to grow organically, and felt a professional, international certification like AUSTSWIM would help me establish myself as a swim teacher.

How has the AUSTSWIM course in Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety (TSW) helped you?

While I had dabbled in teaching to swim earlier, the course helped me structure my lessons and also handle scale as more children and adults enrolled in the summer program.

How was your experience as a first time AUSTSWIM licensed swim teacher this summer?

I have put to practice all the lessons learnt during the course, especially the aspects of water safety and rescue. Children are fascinated by rescue activities and find it very exciting. In my camp, I emphasize on water familiarization, sculling, floating and introduction to arm and leg movements. What I love is the community atmosphere that prevails here that makes teaching and learning to swim so much fun. I hope to introduce long term batches from June onwards.



The youngest in his batch, 17-year-old Ezra from Shillong, Meghalaya had plans to earn some pocket money by working as a radio jockey or a waiter in the local KFC. When he was rejected for being very young, he followed his father’s advice and started working as maintenance staff at his cousin’s swimming pool. A chance to assist the pool’s coach led him to teaching, and now with an AUSTSWIM licence under his belt, he has progressed to handle a batch on his own. His lucky break? “Thank God KFC said No to me!” said the teenager.

How did you become a swim teacher?

After my Board exams last year, I wanted to earn some money to fund my expenses but no one would hire me because I was very young. So my father suggested that I work at my cousin’s pool, True North Leisure Centre. I started with cleaning the restrooms, but it gave me an opportunity to swim when the pool was empty. I also started assisting the swim teacher there when there were many students, and I realized I enjoyed teaching young children. Another teacher had already done the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety course and she encouraged me to travel to Bangalore and do the same.

How has the AUSTSWIM course in Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety (TSW) helped you as a swim teacher?

The techniques I learnt and the observation classes were an eye opener. It helped me grow as a teacher and made me more spontaneous, cool and calm.

How was your experience as a first time AUSTSWIM licensed swim teacher this summer?

While I continue to assist the swim teacher, she has now given me two batches to manage. I am now more confident as a teacher. If my student struggles, I am flexible about my way of teaching. My age works to my benefit. The children find me approachable and are more sporting with me, which they are not with the adult teachers. I will have my own batch, starting June.

How do you feel about being a swim teacher as a career choice?

I was very fortunate to get into the pool – thank god KFC rejected me! If they had accepted me, I would have been in a stressful job today. Instead I do what I love. Swimming helps me stay fit and calm. I want to continue as a swim teacher and fund my education. There is a huge scope to explore career opportunities in swimming, and I hope to tap them as I grow as a teacher.



Career, marriage and motherhood may have distracted Farida from her favorite sport – swimming – but deep in her heart, she kept her dream alive to return to it one day. When her kids grew out of their toddler years, she was ready to pursue it – but did not know how. A chance meeting with another AUSTSWIM certified swim teacher at her child’s playschool gave her dream a new lease of life.

How did you become a swim teacher?

I had been a swimmer through my growing up years, but gave it up when I joined college. Work, marriage and kids followed, and though I missed it, I did not find the time to do anything about it. I met Karishma (holding AUSTSWIM license in Teacher of Swimming & Water Safety and Infant & Preschool Aquatics) through common friends. She told me about AUSTSWIM course and it appealed to me. I am a teacher by profession, working at an NGO, and combining my interest in teaching with my passion for swimming felt very exciting. I could pursue what I liked, and it gave me time and flexibility to work on my terms.

How has the AUSTSWIM course in Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety (TSW) helped you as a swim teacher?

I liked its structured approach and gave me clarity on what I knew and what I could apply in my lessons. It helped me organize myself, built my confidence to approach people and developed my esteem as a teacher.

How was your experience as a first time AUSTSWIM licensed swim teacher this summer?

I have joined Karishma Aquatic Academy in Pune. Apart from taking classes in some residential societies, I also took a summer camp at Hotel Hyatt teaching kids and adults. At the end of the camp, I was happy to see them overcome their fears and be able to swim. People now want me to teach them and the word of mouth is helping me get more students. I am able to live my dream – and that gives me a lot of happiness.


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