Krishna Dalal, as Swim Mom to Saloni and Sahil Dalal, has been spending 2-5 hours, five days a week, for the past 14 years, in the viewing gallery watching her children swim…and observing other swim moms on the side. In this special feature, Krishna offers a tongue-in-cheek guide to swim mom stereotypes. Enjoy! 🙂

The Screaming Mom

The one with screeching voice, when her kid is racing – everybody feels like covering their ears 🙂 We all enjoy the screaming moms on other hand, as they are such an exciting bunch to watch!

The Obsessive Mom

The one who is always present at swim practices. If by chance the kid looks at the mom during the practice, she doesn’t miss that opportunity to “coach” from the viewing gallery! She knows each swimmer and their practice times too 🙂

The “Helicopter” Mom

The one who hover over her kid to eat right after practice ends – ready with a banana / glass of milk – while kids are still trying to change 🙂

The “Type A” Mom

The ones who isn’t happy with their kid winning a medal, but upset about  another kid winning the championship!

The Beauty Queen Mom

The one that puts on latest outfits to the meets – brings a breadth of “fresh air” to the otherwise boring swim meet crowd!

The Gossipy Mom

The one that always has a back story on who is winning and why – there is always a “conspiracy” theory behind every notable swimmer 🙂

The Worldly Mom

The one that always talks about international swimmers – watch all the big races and shows off with her knowledge of world swimming at the pool-side to other moms:)

The Social Mom

The one that misses seeing their kids race since she is busy catching up with another mom at the meet!
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  1. Lovely Krisha.. I remembered the very first state-level meet I took my daughter to watch, and there was this mother who was dressed up so well and with heels on her feelt, running the length of the pool while her daughter was swimming and she was scream hysterically ‘Common Arushi….’ and all parents gave space to run.. it was fun to watch and all moms felt proud of her act !!!!

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