Wish all the women in our swimming community, including swim teachers, swim coaches and swimmers a very Happy Women’s Day! This year let’s #BreaktheBias together!

Happy Women’s Day!

This year’s theme is ‘Breaking the Bias’ #BreaktheBias, a clarion call more relevant than ever to all of us in swimming.

The huge potential that swimming holds – from winning over 100 medals at the Olympics, to becoming impactful swim teachers and coaches for champions, to running successful businesses in aquatics – are left untapped because of our many biases.

These biases start from the time we step into the pool as swimmers. Body hugging swimsuits and exposed skin feel a step too far from our comfort zone. Our fears against harming our beauty markers – tanning our skin or losing our hair – takes precedence over mastering a life skill that can save a life. Our giving in to our many physical changes, from menstruation to pregnancy to menopause, makes us too weak to rise in the sport. Even outside the pool, there are biases at work. Access to pools at any time of day is not often an option. Hiring women is not a popular choice. An industry crowded and dominated by men deters us from finding our space in the scheme of things, with our biases putting limits on what we can do and we cannot do. 

However, we are in a sport that embraces all, and an industry that is brimming with possibilities.  Let us resolve to question and call out the biases within ourselves, and shed our reluctance to try something new. We need to take up work in areas where we have been absent. We should leave the shackles behind and bring our A game to action, with our full commitment. We need to become strong to brave criticisms, become energetic to smash the stereotypes and become hopeful to jump over obstacles. 

Breaking the Bias – both within us and outside of us – is not easy. We need support. We at Swimming Matters are here to help. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we invite each and every woman in our community to connect with us, and join us to raise the profile of girls and women in this sport. Write to us at [email protected], and let’s break the barriers together! Join our ‘Women in Swimming’ whatsapp community by messaging us on 9008716004.

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