While we embrace the green this World Environment Day, let’s give a special hug to the blue as well. Water, after all, comprises 70% of the planet.  Engaging with water (and what better way than swimming) is the best way we can acknowledge, appreciate and respect this vital resource.
This is of even more importance in these pandemic times.

Amidst all our current obsession with cleanliness, hygiene and safety, every single-use plastic product that we trash –  from masks and gloves and PPE suits, to plastic food containers and cutlery, to bubble wrap leftovers from our online shopping – threatens to make its way from our dustbins to our water bodies. And if it does, the litter will stay for at least 450 years before it disintegrates.
Our wish for Environment Day is to have everyone engage more, commit more and protect more of our precious water bodies.

This is our moment.

We cannot turn back time. But we can SAY YES TO SWIMMING so that we can engage with our lakes, rivers, seas and oceans to give them their life back.  We are the generation that can make peace with nature.

Let’s get active, not anxious. Let’s be bold, not timid.

Join #GenerationRestoration

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Discarded single-use plastic masks and gloves are choking ocean beds

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