This blog post is contributed by Khushi Dinesh. Khushi is an international swimmer, who has been swimming since she was three years old. Based out of Bangalore, Khushi is a student of Science at Sophia High School.
So what is friendship?
Friendship is a simple word but carries a deep meaning. It cannot be defined by a single phrase or even a sentence. To me friendship means simply just being there for each other. It means sharing each other’s joys and well as sorrow.
One of the many rhetorical questions that I have found many asking me on the pool side is how can I be best friends with my competitor? Well, it was only then I began to reflect on my friendship with one of the many ace swimmers that I have.

Friendship without boundaries

The kind of friendship you have in the swimming pool is very different from the type you have outside. I guess friendship has no such boundaries. Friends might, in all their innocence, race back to the entrance of the local park or an unspoken competition with an old college friend who pursued a similar career. So I fervently believe that a little friendly competition among friends doesn’t hurt – especially when it’s all in good spirit. So a competition among friends as I see it is where when both parties are working to push one another toward a similar goal, regardless of which person comes out on top. That is the essence of true friendship and if you have found it like how I have, then you can count yourself as one of the luckiest in terms of having a “true friend”.

Healthy competition is good for friendship

Healthy competition in the same area or interest can drive friends to work out together and discuss strategies for improvement, which will in turn enhance one’s creativity about the issue at hand and working side by side at the same time striving to be the best. Thus a healthy competition between friends inspires both sides to do their best. A true friend will motivate and cheer the other and never walk away with hard feelings when the battle is lost.
Thus, whether it is a game of tennis, dancing or creating something new, when you are happy and enjoying yourself, the competition becomes less about winning or losing and more about the time spent enjoying with friends.
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